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Split Fender Delete for Onewheel Pint | Resizable Version

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Introducing the Split Fender Delete for Onewheel Pint - Resizable Version - Universal-fit for all type of rails for Onewheel Pint.

This Split Fender Delete version is specially designed for easy trimming to fit any 3rd party aftermarket Onewheel Pint rails. The pre-cut grooves allow you to cleanly reduce the length by increment of 0.25 inches up to 1 inch reduction. The trimming is simple. Just use any utility knife to cut along the desired groove.

This special resizable design makes this Split Fender Delete compatible with any aftermarket Onewheel Pint rails currently available.

Our Split Fender Deletes are manufactured using durable material that is 5 time stronger than the stock OG fender delete. They are easy to install, sleek looking, and compatible with many fender options.