About Floater Shack

A Floater Shack's Onewheel Story

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Founded in 2019 under the 3Dway brand, Floater Shack designs and manufactures a wide selection of innovative onewheel accessories for riders to customize the look of their board and enhance the riding experience.

We specialized and carry the largest selection of low-profile split fenders for the Onewheel, such as the Wedge Pro, Shorty, Chopper, Roadster, Bikini, and Convertible, which are onewheel fenders for riders that prefer the look of the exposed tire on their onewheel.

Floater Shack is proud to be the first company to bring the Shorty style onewheel fenders to the onewheel community. Our signature minimalistic and sleek design has made the Shorties popular among onewheel riders whose prefers riding without a full fender but still want some coverage from debris and foot guard against the tire. 

man riding a black onwheel gt

Although others have "borrowed" our designed concept, we believe our beloved Shorties and split fender designs possess unique design features that make our products extremely durable and highly effective at limiting debris kick-up that other products cannot replicate. 

Somewhere in history, you probably have spotted our Shorty being used by some of the best onewheel riders in the world, such as Tyler James and Bodhi Harrison. 

All fenders are made available for the Onewheel GT, Onewheel Pint and Pint X, and Onewheel+ XR. Our fenders are designed to be lightweight, high-performance, and highly resilient to handle the most extreme riding conditions. 

Besides fenders, we also offer a great selection of accessories that provide protection and enhance the performance and look of the onewheel, such as skid plates, rail guards, concave bumpers, controller covers, axle plugs, vinyl stickersand much more.

We aim to develop the most innovative onewheel accessories using environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions that produce high quality products while reducing environmental impact, minimizing waste, and saving energy.

We are proud to have the unique opportunity to collaborate with riders from all over the world to design some of the best accessories for the Onewheels. We are grateful for your contribution and continuing support.