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Skid Plate for Onewheel GT

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Introducing the Skid Plate for Onewheel GT - the ultimate protection for your onewheel. Made from Floater Shack's proprietary high impact and wear resistant material exclusively for the Onewheel GT.

Now available in colorway options. Just imagine how crazy the battle scars will look on these! Other custom colorway options are also possible - just ask us how.

These Skid Plates provide protection for the underbody and the plastic battery and controller compartments of your Onewheel GT. Robustly designed with extra thick wear point to handle the most aggressive skidding and slam stopping. 

The front plate is equipped with 4" x 6" heavy duty 3M double-sided tape for maximum adhesion to the stock bumper,

Package includes:
- Front and rear plates
- Hardware
- Installation instruction

Compatible with Onewheel GT - one of the best upgrades for your onewheel.


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