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Shorty Split Fenders for Onewheel Pint & Pint X

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For US Customers: purchase can be made directly from our US Distributor.

Introducing Shorty Fenders for Onewheel Pint & Pint X! The fender for riders who hate fenders. Created by 3Dway (a Floater Shack's brand) in partnership with This Fun Wheel; the largest Onewheel mod gallery online.

Unique Styling - Designed as a minimalistic solution for riders who typically ride with no fender to keeping your feet from making contact with the tire, as well as offering some protection from debris and water. The shape hugs the tire closely for a streamlined and subtle look, prefect for those who love seeing their tire while they ride.

Adjustable Placement - Shortys feature an elongated hardware hole, a 3Dway's signature design, allowing you to adjust the placement of the fender closer or further from the tire with ease, preventing the dreaded "fender rub" you get with some tires.

Premium Material - Produced with a strong, yet flexible material, Shortys can take a beating from even the most intense riding conditions. Shortys feature an eggshell, semi-smooth finish which wipes clean easily.

Compatibility -  Currently compatible with all major footpads options and grip tape. 

Compatible with Onewheel Pint & Pint X  

Include in your order:
· One set of Shorty Fenders
· Four anodized screws
· One hex key
· Swags and extra goodies


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