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RoadsterX Lite Fender for Onewheel GT | Onewheel Fender

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Introducing the RoadsterX Lite Fender for the Onewheel GT!

The RoadsterX Lite gives your Onewheel GT a unique asymmetrical look, while offers unrivaled versatility for your Onewheel GT, with a convertible split-design that can be used as a full or half fender, and a rear wedge feature providing superior carve-ability. Additionally, the internal zip tie channels add cargo-carrying capacity, allowing effortless hauling of additional loads with your Onewheel GT. 

Powerful, yet simple design features give you the versatility, ease of use and freedom to explore that you're looking for, whilst also providing incredible protection from water, road debris and other environmental factors, making it the perfect addition for Onewheel adventurers ad commuters alike.

*Heavy-duty releasable zip ties included.

*The SHIELD comes in standard black only for any chosen fender color.

*Compatible with all Onewheel footpads and tires.

Important: The Onewheel GT andBluetooth speaker in the pictures are not included - for assembly illustration only. 

Package includes:

  • Fenders (1 front fender and one rear fender)
  • Fender shield (1pc)
  • Releasable zip ties (2pcs)
  • Installation hardware (screws & hex key)

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