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RoadsterX Fender for Onewheel GT - Lightning Rails Compatible Version

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Introducing the RoadsterX Fender for the Onewheel GT - Lightning Rails Compatible Version!

Important: This version only works with Onewheel GT that has Lightnight Rails installed. Please check out our other listing for the Onewheel GT with regular stock rails.

The RoadsterX is the optimal fender for your Onewheel GT, incorporating the features of both the Convertible and Wedge Pro fenders. Its convertible split-design allows use as a full or half fender on demand. Its wedge feature promotes a natural, locked-in feeling, providing superior carve-ability, elevating bonking, and enables easy navigation of obstacles. Additionally, the internal zip tie channels add cargo-carrying capacity, allowing effortless hauling of additional loads. The RoadsterX is carefully constructed to enhance your Onewheel experience. Its durable design ensures road debris and water don’t get in the way of your ride and its wedge feature provides superior performance every time, making it an ideal choice for both Onewheel adventurers and commuters. Truly the ultimate fender for Lightning Rails!

Purchase options:

Option 1: Without Split Fender Delete - This option does not come with Split Fender Delete. You need the original fender delete that comes with the Onewheel GT, and you would have to modify the fender delete to fit the Lightning Rails.

Option 2: With Split Fender Delete ($22 saving with this bundle option) - This option comes with a set of Split Fender Delete specifically made for the Onewheel GT with Lightning Rails. No cutting or modification required. Click here for more information about our Split Fender Delete.


*Heavy-duty releasable zip ties included.

*The SHIELD comes in standard black only for any chosen fender color.

*Compatible with all Onewheel footpads and tires.

Important: The Onewheel GT, Bluetooth speaker, and water bottle in the pictures are not included - for assembly illustration only. 

Package includes:

  • RoadsterX fenders (2pcs)
  • Fender shield (1pc)
  • Releasable-usable zip ties (4pcs)
  • Installation hardware (screws & hex key)

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