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RoadsterX Fender for Onewheel GT and Onewheel GT S-Series | Onewheel Fender

RoadsterX Fender for Onewheel GT and Onewheel GT S-Series | Onewheel Fender

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Introducing the RoadsterX Fender for the Onewheel GT!

The RoadsterX is the optimal fender for your Onewheel GT, incorporating the features of both the Convertible and Wedge Pro fenders. Its convertible split-design allows use as a full or half fender on demand. Its wedge feature promotes a natural, locked-in feeling, providing superior carve-ability, elevating bonking, and enables easy navigation of obstacles. Additionally, the internal zip tie channels add cargo-carrying capacity, allowing effortless hauling of additional loads. The RoadsterX is carefully constructed to enhance your Onewheel experience. Its durable design ensures road debris and water don’t get in the way of your ride and its wedge feature provides superior performance every time, making it an ideal choice for both Onewheel adventurers and commuters.

*Heavy-duty releasable zip ties included.

*The SHIELD comes in standard black only for any chosen fender color.

*Compatible with Onewheel GT

*Compatible with Onewheel GT S-Series

Important: The Onewheel GT in the pictures is not included - for assembly illustration only. 

Package includes:

  • RoadsterX fenders (2pcs)
  • Fender shield (1pc)
  • Releasable-usable zip ties (4pcs)
  • Installation hardware (screws & hex key)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Almost perfect

I needed something for my gt after getting the steep and deep rails for my first onewheel. Really liked the way these looked amd the option to tale off the fender insert. The processing took over a week before it was shipped but the company responded to all of my emails withing 24 hours answering all my questions and even sending pictures when i asked. The product arrived un damaged and installations were pretty quick and easy there was still some plastic stringy plastic on it near the corners that came off easily with some light sanding. After getting used having my feet closer to the wheel and locked in i felt way more stable and confident riding. The material is flexible but sturdy. I can pick the board up by the fender without damage. The foot hooks are comfortable when wearing high top sneakers and they have saved my ass a few times from the board rolling sideways on uneven terrain. They look great and preform well. My only complaint is the fender insert is only pressure fit into 2 tiny slots and falls out way too easy if the board rolls over (i fall a lot) the plus side to the slot is you can use about anything as a replacement but still run into the same problem of it falling out if the board rolls over. A deeper groove or something to fasten the fender insert would be my only suggestion. Overall very happy with how they look and preform and friendly customer service

Considering this product costs like 6 doll...

Considering this product costs like 6 dollars in filament to 3-D print and I can tell they clearly did; I'm pretty disappointed they've got to take me for almost 200 bucks but I will say it's more convenient than the Onewheel fender