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Railblades for WTF GT

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Introducing RailBlades for Onewheel GT with WTF rails! 

Important: This version only fit WTF rails.

The RailBlades for Onewheel are designed to provide impact protection for your Onewheel. Made from premium flexible polymer, the RailBlades feature a durable outer shell, while the hollow internal structure enables effective shock dampening during rollovers and tumbles. The shallow lead angles ensure the RailBlades will glide past any obstacles with ease.

No matter what accessories you already have on your Onewheel, the aesthetically pleasing design of the RailBlades will further enhance the look of Onewheel.

Protect your investment with these razor-sharp looking RailBlades!


- Onewheel GT with WTF rails.

*Each set comes in 4 pieces. For more protection, you may purchased more than one set to install in different places of the rails, such as areas near the hub bolts. 

Installation - the RailBlades are extremely easy to install as they come with pre-installed heavy duty double-sided adhesive. Simple clean the rails with any all-purposes cleaner prior to installing the RailBlades.

*The Onewheels in the pictures are not included - for assembly illustration only. 

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