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Noseguard for Onewheel GT | Footpad Sensor Protection

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Introducing the Noseguard for Onewheel GT!

Noseguard is the perfect solution for shielding the front and rear of your Onewheel GT, and adds a stylish look to your board as well. Ergonomically designed with a semi-hollow internal structure, it's constructed of a highly resilient material that effectively absorbs shocks to prevent damage to your footpad and bumper. The highly impact-resistant material offers substantial protection for the front sensor pad and grip tape in the event of head-on collisions. We all know the Onewheel footpad, particularly the front one with the sensors, is a key component of the Onewheel, and replacing it can be costly. Get the protection you need - Noseguard will keep you riding safely!



- Shield footpad from abrasions, dents, and splits.

- Save grip tape and sensor pad from wear and tear imposed by impact.

- Lighten burden on screws during shock from impact.

- Increase footpad by 3/8" in length.

- Improve footpad aesthetics with 9 colors available.


- Onewheel GT 

Included in the package:

- 2 Noseguards (one for front footpad and one for rear footpad)


- Installing the Noseguard is a straightforward process; it comes with a pre-applied double-sided adhesive. The nose of the footpad should be wiped clean, and then the adhesive backing of the Noseguard should be peeled off, aligned, and pressed firmly by hand.


Please note: Pictured Onewheel is for demonstration purposes only and not included with purchase.

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