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Cyber Fender for Onewheel GT - Fits any Rails | Lightning Rails - WTF Rails - Mustache Rails - Techrails - VRH System

Cyber Fender for Onewheel GT - Fits any Rails | Lightning Rails - WTF Rails - Mustache Rails - Techrails - VRH System

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Introducing the Floater Shack Cyber Fender for Onewheel GT! Universal-fit for all type of angle rails for Onewheel GT, including Lightning Rails, WTF Rails, Mustache Rails, Techrails, VRH System, and even Onewheel GT stock rails.

Wow! Those awesome aftermarket angle rails are fast. But they can definitely be taken up another notch with our Cyber Fender for the Onewheel GT.

The Cyber Fender is a clean and minimalistic design that acts as a tire guard and fender delete for your Onewheel, and it also helps to block some debris.

That's right! It's a 2-in-1 design so you do not need the stock fender delete.

The ergonomic split design makes the Cyber Fender compatible with the Onewheel GT stock rails and most aftermarket Onewheel rails, such as the Lightning rails, Mustache rails, WTF rails, Techrails, VRH system, and any other angle rail system with similar design to the aforementioned rails.

The 2-in-1 design keeps the Onewheel as lightweight as possible, while the modern futuristic and tight hugging design maximizes the footpad real estate and prevent foot rub, thus making them the perfect Onewheel fender for riding close heels, performing complex tricks, or making intricate maneuvers during Onewheel trail racing, which required the use of every millimeter of the footpad space. 

Floater Shack's Cyber Fender is a high performance fender that has unrivalled durability as they are manufactured from highly impact resistant material.

The Cyber Fender is the number one companion for any aftermarket Onewheel angled rails. And they also look sharp on the Onewheel GT stock rails as well!

If you are a PEV /  EV enthusiast and a Back to the Future fan, the Cyber Fender is a must have in your Onewheel accessories collection.

Package includes:

  • Cyber Fender (one front & one rear)
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