Footpad Upgrades For Onewheel Pint and Onewheel Pint X



Footpad Upgrades For Onewheel Pint and Onewheel Pint X

The onewheel footpad has been a hot topic ever since the introduction of the onewheel. Riders have always been trying to find the perfect solution to modify their onewheel footpad in order to eliminate foot fatigue, and increase carve-ability through that perfect locked in feeling that enhance their overall onewheel riding experience. Fortunately, aftermarket onewheel accessory vendors have come up with viable options to address those concerns.

Aftermarket onewheel footpad is one of those solutions. These footpads are made from a softer material that promised to provide riders with a cushion under their feet. Instead of a flat design like the stock footpad, some of the aftermarket footpads for the onewheel have a slight concave on the surface. While they do provide riders with a more comfortable experience riding the onewheel, the main drawbacks of these footpads are that they are quite expensive, and they are only made for the rear footpad replacement, since the front footpad has sensors that make it extremely challenging for aftermarket accessory vendors to produce in the same quality and meet the functionality and safety requirements of a stock footpad.

The good news is that Floater Shack (under the 3Dway brand) have come up with a creative solution called the Concave Bumper.

The Concave Bumper not only meeting the riders' needs in term of reducing foot fatigue while riding the onewheel and enhancing carve-ability, they are also affordable and available for both front and rear onewheel footpad. Instead of throwing away a perfectly good stock footpad and replace with something else, the Concave Bumper is designed to go directly over the existing grip tape.

The unique design wraps around the edge of the onewheel footpad to add a slight concave to the surface of the onewheel footpad without touching or interfering with the sensors, thus making them perfectly safe to install on both the front and the rear onewheel footpad. You will notice instant improvement to board control as your foot sinks in to the pocket instead of just sitting on top of the footpad, giving you that locked in feeling while riding your onewheel. The Concave Bumper also widen the footpad by 0.5in and extend the length by 0.38in, making them perfect for onewheel riders with bigger feet. Made from a resilient flexible material, the Concave Bumper provides the much needed protection against impact during collisions and rolls that no other aftermarket footpad solution does.

The installation of the Concave Bumper is quick and easy, taking less than one minute to install with hardware and tool that come with the product. The Concave Bumper are currently available for the onewheel Pint and onewheel Pint X. The onewheel GT and Floatwheel versions will be made available in the near future.

Riders that are ready to take their onewheel riding experience to the next level, or simply looking for onewheel footpad upgrades that increase the comfort of their rides, the above solutions are definitely worth looking into.  


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