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Custom Shorty XS Fender for Onewheel GT

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Introducing the Custom Shorty Fender for Onewheel GT!

Floater Shack Customs have been the tradition since the inception of our 3Dway brand, when we designed and created some of the most unique fenders from our customers' visions. 

We leave the creativity in your hand - Choose your style, choose your colors, name them, and make them yours.

Our Shorty XS Fender Onewheel GT is the shorter version of the original Shorty fender. Sitting at just over 1" tall, the Shorty XS has a precision low profile that contours perfectly to the onewheel tire, providing a unique open concept. This half fender design is made from semi-flexible rubber-like polymer to ensure durability that's able to handle all riding conditions.

Get the full view of your onewheel tire while not having to worry about ankle burns again.

Unique Styling - Designed as a minimalistic solution for riders who typically ride with no fender to keeping your feet from making contact with the tire, as well as offering some protection from debris and water. The shape hugs the tire closely for a streamlined and subtle look, prefect for those who love seeing their tire while they ride.

Adjustable Placement - The elongated mounting holes, a 3Dway's signature design, allow you to adjust the placement of the fender closer or further from the tire with ease, preventing the dreaded "fender rub" you get with some tires.

Premium Material - Produced with a strong, yet flexible material, to handle the most intense riding conditions.

Compatible with Onewheel GT

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